Flow Bee Hive Hybrid

Love the sweet taste and health benefits of raw honey? Ever considered raising your own hive? The Flow Hive Hybrid gives you the best of both worlds – an easy to manage hive and pure, unfiltered honey on tap straight from the beehive. Perfect for both beginners or veteran beekeepers who want to experience the ease of harvesting with Flow.

Invented by father and son duo Stu and Cedar Anderson from Australia, their patented Flow Frame technology is the most significant advancement in beekeeping in the last 170 years. Their knowledge and inventiveness is now your benefit. With a Flow Hive, simply turn the Flow Key and watch as pure, untouched, unprocessed fresh honey flows from the beehive straight into your mouth (or jar).

And as a Certified B Corporation, Flow has joined the global movement of like-minded people using business for as a force for good. In addition to great tasting honey, they also create positive impact through many other on conservation and community outreach programs.

Flow is about more than just honey making—it’s about creating community, educating people about the importance of bees, and empowering beekeepers new and old to help protect these important little creatures.

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