Truly Heroic’s mission is to drive positive change through informed consumer habits.

We believe that brands that choose people and planet over pure profit provide a Truly Heroic example for the rest of the world to follow. As such, we enthusiastically promote products and organizations that deliver positive impact through their social and environmental sustainability efforts.


As consumers, we have a massive amount of influence to drive change. Through our combined purchasing power, we can influence industries and make a Truly Heroic difference at home and around the world. Every dollar is a vote for the kind of future we want to create!

Purpose Driven

Truly Heroic brands are those that stand for something more than simply making money. They are purpose driven—considering the impact of business decisions, and their impact on workers, customers, community, and the planet. These are brands with strong values, that live their beliefs, and use business as a force for good.

All products and brands featured on Truly Heroic are purpose driven, many with 3rd party certification, affiliation or validation, such as B Corporation, Women Owned, Climate Neutral, and more.

Business Practices

From manufacturing to materials, Truly Heroic brands seek to make responsible choices whenever possible. These are not often the easiest decisions, or most cost effective, but they do tend to be the right and ethical ones. Through their positive business practices, Truly Heroic brands promote social & environmental sustainability, human accountability, and public transparency.

Positive business practices include a variety of socially & environmentally responsible choices from Fair Trade labor to use of sustainable materials, such as Bamboo or certified Organic.

Positive Impact

While brands that lead with purpose and deliver through responsible business practices definitely earn their heroic distinction, there are some that go even further. These Truly Heroic brands include a positive impact component such as charitable giving, volunteering and social advocacy, distinguish themselves as a cut above on the heroic scale.

Many of the Truly Heroic brands featured include give back efforts that drive positive change, including contributions to organizations such as 1% for the Planet and more.