Photo: One Tree Planted

One Tree Planted – Support Global Reforestation

One Tree Planted is a non-profit based in Vermont making it simple to plant trees around the world—in North America, South America, Asia, and Africa. Why trees? Trees help clean the air we breathe by absorbing carbon and other harmful pollutants from the atmosphere, reducing the effects of climate change, and then release clean oxygen back for us to breathe. Their roots filter toxins from the water we drink, and prevent soil erosion, landslides and flooding. And trees provide habitat to over 80% of the earth’s biodiversity, with a single tree functioning as home to hundreds of species of insect, fungi, moss, mammals, and plants. Forests also provide jobs to over 1.6 billion people around the world, and offer key ingredients to 25% of all medicines. Did you know Aspirin comes from the bark of a tree. Most of projects supported by One Tree Planted help with restoration from forest fires and floods, while also creating jobs, building communities, and protecting valuable habitats for biodiversity. Planting trees is such a simple and effective way to make an impact. One dollar plants one tree.

More Heroic Causes

The Rainforest Trust works around the world to strategically purchase and protect lands vital for endangered species and indigenous communities. They specifically target the most threatened tropical habitats that are critical for preventing species extinctions and are exceptionally rich in biological diversity. These regions are part of the fabric of this planet and need to be protected, now more than ever. makes it easy and affordable for any individual, business or organization to reduce and offset their carbon impact, while helping lead the fight against global warming. The purchase of certified carbon offsets go toward projects that help reduce CO2 and greenhouse gases in the atmosphere, including renewable energy, energy efficiency and reforestation projects globally.

Oceana is the largest international organization focused solely on ocean conservation and marine protection. The global teams of Oceana work together on a variety of strategic projects and directed campaigns intended to return our oceans to former levels of abundance. Currently, their efforts are focused on helping to ban the buying and selling of shark fins in the US. Help Oceana protect our vulnerable sharks.

Friends of the Earth, and their wide network of global grassroots advocates, fight for a healthier planet. With an ever-watchful-eye on the environment, they seek to expose the truth behind issues that endanger the health of people and the planet for corporate profit. Their efforts focus on clean energy and global warming, protection from harmful technologies, and promoting transportation alternatives.

Feeding America is a hunger relief organization with a nationwide network of 200 food banks feeding the hungry and leading the fight against hunger in the United States. Through community support, they are able to provide food for over 46 million people through a variety of food pantries and meal programs. Feeding America also supports programs that educate the public and advocate for legislation.

Mercy for Animals works to raise awareness of such atrocities while heroically striving to create a community where all animals are treated with the compassion and respect they deserve. Through proactive consumer education initiatives, cruelty investigations, corporate outreach, and legal advocacy, the MFA serves as a voice for farmed animals, where they would otherwise have none.