Our Heroic Mission

We believe that brands and companies who choose people and planet over pure profit provide a truly heroic example for the rest of the consumer world to follow. As such, we look for products, services, and businesses that offer more sustainable, environmentally friendly, and systemically-conscious (relating to natural, physical, cultural, social, and economic environments) solutions within their respective industries.

“Sometimes winning is not being first. Sometimes it’s just doing the brave thing.”

—Brené Brown, The Call to Courage

We hope you find the information useful and posts interesting, and recommend that you try to patronize the products and services featured over other less socially-conscious offerings.

About Sustainability

Sustainability means a lot of different things to a lot of people. But generally we consider Truly Heroic businesses, products and services to be those that take action on any combination of the following…

RESPECT: It starts with a necessary level of regard for something other than our own conveniences and comforts, with emphasis on our shared natural, physical, cultural, social, and economic environments.
RESPONSIBILITY: The mental, moral, or legal accountability of individuals, businesses and governments toward sustainable practices, accompanied by a high level of transparency.
RETHINK: To change an existing thought process in order to correct a course of action that causes harm to another or to our environment.
REALIGN: A repositioning of one’s self on a new path intended to bring about meaningful change through an appropriate level of attention and action.
REDUCE: Then decrease the utilization of products that overly consume raw or natural resources, and/or cause harm to our natural environment.
REUSE: Reclaim or re-engage with items that have been previously used as a way to extend their life and limit impact of accumulating waste.
RENEW: Repair, rebuild, or repurpose used products so they can once again serve a useful purpose without contributing waste or further depleting resources.
RECYCLE: Reclaim or reprocess items that no longer serve a viable purpose, so they can once again be made useful, while reducing the need for more raw materials to make new products.
REPLANT: To replace important vegetation and organic resources that has been removed in the production of products or creation of energy.
RESTORE: Return damaged systems to their original or improved condition, ensuring recovery and the ability to mature or grow without further harm.